November 17, 2014

Mickey Mouse OOTD (not kidding)

When I imagined parenting before I was a mom, I expected that it would be pretty great. And I was right, on the whole. The highs are indeed high and you will go to great lengths in the name of your child's happiness and joy. But I (perhaps selfishly) didn't foresee parenting significantly influencing my sartorial choices beyond the logistics of maternity and postpartum wear.

And yet here I am, wearing a sequined Mickey Mouse sweater to correspond with Emilia's Minnie Mouse costume on Halloween. I've never felt comfortable describing Consume or Consumed as a "fashion blog" so I won't offer any apologies over broken stylish promises. But I still feel the need to explain myself so I will just say, "the things we do for love?" :)

Outfit details:
Sequined Mickey Mouse Sweater on sale now from Kohls
J. Crew Factory dress layered underneath
Spanx tights
Sam Edelmen Petty Boots (on sale now)!

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