April 24, 2015

Printed lace OOTD

It snowed in Pittsburgh today. I am not surprised because I recall many Aprils with snow and this was just flurries. But because it is cold again I figured I can share some winter outfits I never got around to posting. So here is one.

I wore this earlier in the semester when it was still quite cold. The first time I posted an outfit with the dress was last fall after I wore it during the first week of classes in the fall semester. I was able to wear it without many layers back then. It was an ebay find so I didn't realize that it was unlined when I bought it. Thankfully I have slips that work with it.

This was another time when I had to take the photos at the very end of a very long day and my camera was producing a lot of glare from my glasses. I don't remember much about this day other than the dress yielding many compliments, even from students. The lace is just a print but I really like the colors. I actually have a matching laptop sleeve.

I did wind up placing an order during the Boden sale, with the intention to wear the Lindsey dress to graduation and for Mother's Day a few weeks later. Sadly, my instinct to go with the longer length  was incorrect and the dress is too long on me. I will likely exchange for the regular length and do a full review. I am a little bummed because graduation is Saturday. But it's silly to be bummed because I march in the faculty procession so my dress isn't even visible until afterward. Plus it's not my day to shine. Hopefully the regular length will work!

Marc by Marc Jacobs dress (from ebay)
Cece cardigan
Spanx tights
Petty boots (30% off at Nordstrom who are price-matching someone... maybe Saks? Dark brown are on sale for even less money than the price-match promo!)
Natori Slip and 3/4 sleeve Halftee (c/o) layered underneath 

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