May 21, 2015

Mother's Day Matching 2015

I didn't plan to take a 20 day blog hiatus but it happened. I was busy with the assembly of my annual review portfolio (which always takes longer than I anticipate) and some consulting work. All is well though!
Since I last updated I went to the Boden sale and didn't find anything for myself but got a sweater dress for Emilia that she can wear next year. I haven't shopped much otherwise. I bought and returned a dress from Anthropologie. I will review it for fit soon. I also will review the Lindsay dress from Boden which I liked enough to keep.

The above outfit was worn during our Spring Break trip in St. Barths (top photo). Emilia and I also wore these matching Lilly Pulitzer tunics on Mother's Day (bottom photo). We went to the Pittsburgh Zoo with my parents and sister. She and I got lots of compliments on our matchy match look during both occasions. My favorite ones came from little girls who would shout with glee some variation of, "look mommy, they match!" Emilia really likes matching and asks to do so whenever she spots one of our matching options in a drawer or closet. I think it is fun and makes for endearing photos that I can show her when she's a teenager.

I had a lovely Mother's Day weekend, celebrating with my mom, my mother-in-law, and my stepmother-in-law. Maybe next year I will try to rope them into an even bigger matching plan? I hope you had a nice celebration too.

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