June 26, 2015

Anila Shirtdress Summer OOTD

I have a problem with clothing trends right now. I should disclose that it is my conscious decision to have a problem with clothes rather than with my own body shape (and its apparent incompatibility with the clothes). At the moment, the clothes "on trend" are fads that I lived through the first time around as a teenager (and therefore feel too old to revisit), "comfort" chic styles that feel too much like pajamas to wear in public,  or billowy sacks designed presumably to make one marvel over the juxtaposition of the wearer's litheness when compared to said billowy sack. I can't wear any of it to work. And I can't really wear any of it outside of work... at least not without feeling foolish due to the trifecta of my age, my body type, and my status as a mom.

But dressing in the summer has always confounded me, especially when it comes to work. We're in the beginning of summer so I have no sense of outfit rhythm and still feel terribly exposed without tights and layers. Every day I cycle through outfit options, disapproving of choice after choice. It's even worse on the days when I have to go to campus.

I am fortunate in that my job is not rigid in dress code and my summer work can often be done from home. But I am still serving on committees. I am still part of the campus community which doesn't halt during the summer. So there are plenty of occasions to go to work on campus. I just never know what to wear. It would be easier if all my summer clothes fit but I am carrying extra weight due to stress.

Social media are abuzz singing the praises of summer and I am glad for the vitamin D but this is my least favorite season for dressing. Thank goodness life is about more than clothes!

Outfit details:
Anila shirtdress from Anthropologie (old)
Spanx tights (probably one of my last days to wear until fall)
MBMJ punk mouse flats (on sale in black)

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