July 10, 2015

Weekend Packing List

Because Chris and I had nice vacations over winter and spring breaks and because he travels so much for work, we aren't planning any big family trips for this summer. But that doesn't mean that we don't want to get away for a weekend, here and there. We already enjoyed one weekend at Lake Erie and are headed to Cleveland and Ohiopyle for separate weekends later this summer.

Packing for short trips should be easy because you don't need to bring very much. But I often make last minute outfit changes when I am at home with access to my full closet. So I fret over what to bring more so when I know I shouldn't bring very much. From having gone on many weekend trips lately, I feel like I finally have a handle on what I do and don't need for both me and for Emilia (who I also pack for, whether she is coming with us or going to Grammy and Pap's).

I remember reading Martha Stewart's advice to pack based on a deliberate color scheme so that everything can mix and match. It is advice I try to follow but I get stumped picking between black or navy. I realize you can wear black and blue together but I just usually don't. I tend to pick between those and go from there. On a recent trip I picked blues and grays, which helped minimize the shoes and accessories I brought with me. Here is everything I took:

From top L to R: Calypso St. Barths linen drawstring dress, Levis denim jacket, Loft gauze shirt dress
Campers sandals, Longchamp Quadri hobo, Old Navy slip on sneakers

Anthro maxi skirt, Loft tee, Campers sandals, Longchamp bag

 Tankini bathing suit and tunic from Kohls

Ralph Lauren pajama set (current season here), VS night shirt that doubles as a swim cover up

The complete list:
2 lightweight/linen, comfy dresses (one of which I wear to our destination)
1 light jacket (usually denim)
3 pairs of shoes (one of which I wear on the way there)
  • dressy sandals or flip flops
  • cute flats
  • a pair of sneakers
1 pair of pajamas
1 pair of shorts or leggings
1 night shirt that can double as a spare swim cover up in a pinch
1 bathing suit and matching cover up
1 outfit of separates
  • maxi skirt plus tee or
  • dark colored chinos and a matching striped boatneck  
1 lightweight leather handbag
And of course, travel toiletries, cosmetics, and enough underpinnings for each day of travel

I pack everything into:
1 large weekend bag. Mine is by Orla Kiely Etc. Here is the same one for the current season.

The main things that change when I am packing for a lengthier warm weather trip are that I add in a second bathing suit, a few more dresses, at least one more pair of pajamas (two if I won't have access to laundry), and a cotton cardigan to give myself another layer in case it gets chilly.

I am looking forward to our next weekend getaway!

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