July 14, 2015

What I wore to new student orientation

It is hard to believe that summer break has flown by so quickly. The other day I attended an orientation event to represent my department and meet the incoming freshman class as well as their parents. It was a chilly and dreary day which didn't match the vibe at orientation.

Orientation always feels so hopeful and anticipatory. I remember attending my own with my mother many years ago. We tried to soak in all the info but eventually skipped one of the more superfluous sessions to grab a non-cafeteria lunch and coffee in Oakland. I don't remember many details from the info sessions but I do remember vividly how I felt. I remember the feeling of being on the cusp of big transition. I remember being nervous but excited. I remember feeling glad my mom was with me to help make sense of all the information but also to spend time alone together, right before I was about to leave the nest.

Every orientation I think about how those incoming students and their families are processing so many emotions, ranging from bittersweet to anxious to elated. Seeing them with their families is a good reminder that even when I feel frustrated or fed up with undergraduate antics, there's likely to be someone (probably even many someones) by whom these students are held dear. And when I am tasked with resolving difficult situations, this knowledge helps fortify my patience and empathy. I'm in no rush for summer to end but I can't help but feel excited to meet my new semester of students.

For this summer's orientation event, I wore a dress I received last year to review from Eshakti. The other day I received my second Eshakti order and am pleased. I will show you what I picked soon.

Eshakti dress
J. Crew Factory Clare Cardigan
Gucci wedges

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