September 16, 2015

September Stripes OOTD

I wore this outfit to campus on Monday for teaching and for meetings. September is always a busy month but this one feels particularly intense. This year is my final one preceding the submission of my tenure dossier so the stakes are high. I'm still revising my book even though I had hoped to finish over the summer. I did manage to get an article submitted for publication consideration so that is good. I have a conference paper to write from scratch that I have to present at a conference in November. I have two grant applications I am writing, one of which is due at the end of this month. I am working on a collaborative research project with a student research assistant. I am consulting on social media for a few clients, one of which is working with me through my university's Center for Applied Research. And of course, I am still involved with the startup. I am so happy that Covey is available on iOS with a user base that is growing rapidly.

There is a lot to do and a lot to look forward to but it feels like there aren't enough hours in the day. I do have a course release for this semester so I am teaching a bit less than usual but my committee service is ramped up. Chris is off soon for another trip to West Africa. His work is demanding and busy as ever plus he is teaching this semester. Emilia is taking dance, tumbling, swimming, and music in addition to her regular library story time and playdates. My mom thankfully helps me so much with the activities and with caring for her when I have to go to work. And my dad, mother-in-law, and sister also help me with her. Even with help, it is a lot.  But it is September so I should expect it.

Ann Taylor Loft dress
Spanx tights
Cole Haan wedges
Longchamp Neo bag
Layered necklaces that were gifts from loved ones

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