March 21, 2016

Pregnant in Boden Glenda Dress

My pregnancy with my daughter occurred during a time when I was in the thick of an ongoing retail fascination with all things Anthropologie. As a result, I documented my attempts to try to make Anthropologie pieces work throughout my pregnancy. You can read through my "pregnant in Anthropologie" series by clicking here.

Over the last few seasons, Anthropologie's style and mine seemed to head in different directions so I bought less and less from them. Even my old favorites sort of feel different from my place in life at this point. I should probably do a big eBay purge eventually.

This time around, I am wearing a lot of non-maternity Boden pieces. Boden actually used to have a maternity line, though they don't seem to carry anything maternity-specific at the moment. Still, they offer plenty of stretchy dresses that bridge my changing body shape and my style nicely. As a result, as I've settled into the second trimester, I've been rotating through a lot of Boden pieces. I've only broken out my maternity dresses here and there. Since I'm just over halfway through this pregnancy, I'm sure I'll be needing actual maternity clothes more and more and I'm glad I waited so that what I have doesn't get as much of a chance to bore me.

Outfit details:
Boden Glenda dress (still available and on clearance! Plus it will work for nursing!)
Spanx tights (Which I'm still wearing because they come up very high and feel nice and supportive on my belly. But I'm guessing they won't do much to hold in said belly after getting all stretched out from being worn during pregnancy... Oh well!)
Sam Edelman Petty booties

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