February 29, 2016

Forgotten Loft OOTD

I got this dress last fall from Loft and very soon after I learned I was pregnant.  As soon as I had the positive test the dress made me feel self conscious. It felt tighter around my mid-section than I wanted even though my body hadn't yet begun to change. Although I wore it to present at a conference and I wore it again to work in November, I was too worried to wear it again after that. I didn't want to generate any pregnancy speculation before I felt ready.

I recently had a student confess that she suspected I was pregnant last semester but perhaps she was clairvoyant. At minimum, I am going to tell myself that her suspicions were not due to my body broadcasting pregnancy quite so soon. Regardless, here's hoping this dress will fit me again sometime after baby number 2 arrives! It's a solid professional looking basic (and I mean basic in the good way!) and I'd hate to have it go to waste.

Ann Taylor Loft dress
Spanx tights
Sam Edelman booties
Burberry trench

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