February 25, 2016

Too cold OOTD (featuring my deer print coat) and how I'm trying to stay active this winter

That hasn't been true this week but last week it was too cold to take outfit photos. Still I tried... and although I removed my hat and scarf, I tried and quickly decided not to take off my coat. I don't think I've blogged it before so that's a good excuse. It's very warm and from the end of season clearance sale last year. The closest they offered this year was the Windermere Coat. Though I do like the Duffle. By the time I bought my down filled padded parka from Boden, it was more than 75% off so I'd keep waiting for bigger discounts if I was in the market for a new coat. I do love the deer print and Emilia has a deer print coat from baby gap to semi match!

Boden deer print padded parka
See by Chloe dress (blogged here also)
Tory Burch flats
Spanx tights

In a lot of ways the weather fluctuations have made it difficult to stay active this pregnancy. To be fair, this is the first time I have been pregnant during winter. And it's my first time navigating the challenges of being a pregnant mom. I'm short on "me time" to go to the gym and out of necessity, I tend to put self care at the bottom of my list of things "to do." That's why I so appreciate at-home, indoor-friendly workout solutions.

I recently was sent this Adjustable 4-Way Resistance Band from TKO. TKO used to be a boxing equipment company but has branched out into the broader fitness market. This Resistance Band is inexpensive and packs easily into my bag for long on-campus days when I'm stuck indoors. It also is easy to store when I'm not using it. I appreciate its lightness and ease of use. I can do a quick arm set no matter what I'm wearing. Although I love my trusty old free weights they have been collecting dust under my bed since I got the bands. Thank you, TKO for helping make easy portable workout equipment for folks like me and for providing me with this sample to review!

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