July 01, 2016

Pregnant in Boden Glenda Dress Again!

This was my birthday outfit of the day for this year (in April... lol). I am behind on the blog as usual BUT today I have a great reason. Because this week I am very proud and relieved to say that I submitted my complete tenure dossier!!!! It felt momentous even though it will be months before a decision is made. I think I put forward as strong a case as I could, all things considered. I wound up really enjoying writing and revising my narrative because it gave me the space to reflect on and affirm the meaning and significance of my career. I do really love my job. I feel very fortunate to have it. It is a good fit for me and I hope I get to keep it. All of that is to say, I've been busy!

Last week we bought a house. This week my tenure file is in. Next week I'd like to finish revisions on an accepted article or at least make big progress on my book. All of this is provided that I don't go into labor. What an exciting and stressful time!

This year I had to work on my bday which is fine because I got to debut a dress in my favorite color and I got to take some belly progress photos. Now that my teaching obligations have wrapped, I don't get the chance to take many belly progress photos so I know I'll be grateful that I have the ones that I do. I was so diligent last time around, taking them every week. But last time around I didn't have a kid to take care of, I didn't have a tenure dossier deadline, I wasn't buying a house, I wasn't trying to prep my current house for selling, I wasn't working on my book, etc. Last time, I literally made being pregnant the most important thing in my universe through the duration, which was both good and bad. I researched and read about it voraciously. But I gave myself a lot more time to fret and worry, often to the point of irrationality. This time I don't have that luxury which makes me feel a little guilty  in some ways. I don't want my lack of fretting or focus to be interpreted as lack of enthusiasm or gratitude. I am so incredibly excited to have another child and to see Emilia become a sister. But a big part of my identity as a person (and also as a mom) is my work. I just want to be in a good place work-wise so I can fully relish and celebrate the new arrival.

Anyway, this birthday felt extra special because of all the good things on the horizon. And I do love this dress. I already had it in black (blogged here) but decided to use some Boden vouchers to treat myself to the purple on clearance.

Boden Glenda Dress
Spanx tights
Sam Edelman booties

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