February 20, 2018

Boden's Marion Tunic Swans OOTD

Swan Dress
Boden Marion Jersey Tunic, Bass booties, Spanx tights 

I bought my first Marion tunic last spring when Boden had a variety of seasonally appropriate prints. I liked it enough to order another for fall when Boden sent me a $15 voucher. I stacked the voucher with a % off code.

The Marion style seems to be a regular offering from the brand who releases it in a variety of prints as well as some solids. The style is breastfeeding friendly and pregnancy friendly due to its stretchy shape and fit. The v-neck of the tunic is a bit deep for Boden and might warrant layering a tank underneath. The gathers at the waist are effective camouflage for those who feel modest about snug clothing at their midsection.

I am wearing it above in a size 12L which is great in length to make it more dress and less tunic. But it's a bit too big otherwise. It's hard to tell from the photo but it's a bit baggier than I would prefer. Still, I didn't want it to cling so big is always preferable to small for me. It's on a great sale now and the pink swans print is 70% off. Code 9k9e works for free shipping at no minimum price. I wore this for teaching and for an event at E's school. I layered a cardigan for added modesty on campus and a trench for E's school. Thanks for reading!

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