December 10, 2018

eShakti FX Review

Hello friends! I know I have been silent for too long but when eShakti reached out to me about reviewing their new website feature called, FX I couldn't resist. I promise to update on personal things and outfits, shortly! But in the meanwhile, I wanted to share some cool things that you can do with eShakti FX.

eShakti FX is a visual customization tool that allows customers to see what their specifications will look like when the dress is finished being manufactured. FX is offered on hundreds of styles on the website and it's fun to play around with the various options that they have available for viewing.

To test the FX feature, I selected a cute Penguin print shirt dress because quirky animal prints have long been favorites of mine. The shirt dress style is work appropriate (at least for my workplace which is fairly casual). And my girls will love the cute penguins, which will result in them asking to coordinate with me in their own penguin-themed clothing because we love the match. The final reason I chose this style is because I am from Pittsburgh where we root for the Penguins NHL hockey team and although I am not that engaged with sports culture at the moment, I do like a regionally coordinated theme!

The first thing I did was configure the dress to have different sleeve length options just to see how it looked. Both are very cute but penguins are wintery so a longer sleeve makes sense. I settled on 3/4 length so it would be versatile and allow for some bracelets to show.

Next, I wanted to test different hemlines. There was a mini skirt option (not pictured) that was a bit risqué for my own modest and work-friendly preferences but still very fun especially with a cute print. I loved the kind of 1940s inspired midi look but because I am only 5'3" I stuck with knee length. The style on the right is the one I plan to choose! I really enjoyed testing eShakti FX and hope it makes the customizable options for eShakti styles more easily visualized prior to purchase. Thank you to eShakti for the invitation to review and the chance to be compensated with a website credit.

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