April 21, 2008

The ugly side of bargain hunting...

Not only does bargain hunting have the potential to drive wedges between similarly sized friends, but it can lead to rash and ill-advised decisions. These decisions are usually made behind the shopping equivalent of rose-colored glasses. "Sale goggles" have inspired many a rash purchase decision in my own consumer history. The LA Times recently published an article covering the phenomenon of BUI's or buying while under the influence of alcohol. But the lure of sale goggles, or shopping while under the influence of low prices, remains my secret shame.

For me, sale goggles are much more powerful and dangerous than BUI's. I can be convinced by sale goggles that I will never be able to locate another equivalent version of a specific item. Sale goggles can coerce revisions to deal-breaking preferences (specific colors, cuts, styles, fits, etc. all become negotiable). Supply and demand can increase the power of sale goggles. If I know something was especially coveted within the fashion e-communities I frequent, my unwaivering, uncompromising taste becomes easier to sway. Occasionally, sale goggles even can persuade me that something previously regarded as ugly/impractical/unflattering has transformed magically into a "must purchase."

Last week's disappointing DVF online private sale is the most recent example of sale goggles damaging my rationality. I saw the DVF Dutch at Saks a few weeks ago.

I really loved the mustard and black cube print. The wrap with buttons style looked as though it might be flattering for someone bustier but more modest about showing ample cleavage (like myself). I also heard the fit was forgiving on the bottom (which is useful).

When the Dutch went 70% off, I bit. Not once. But twice (in two different sizes and prints). And in my sale-induced haze, I also decided it would be wise to order other things to make the $10 ship charge worthwhile. I have attempted to cancel the order via phone and email, numerous times to no avail. I don't NEED any of this stuff. But the customer service for the online store is notoriously bad. And I am fairly certain I will just have to eat this mistake. UPS is scheduled to deliver this package tomorrow. I don't know if I have the guts to refuse it and go through the process of filing a charge back.

In case I don't, I already have attempted to sell my only Marc Jacobs collection bag (Pomegranate Venetia) to compensate for my bad behavior.

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