May 25, 2008

New York Consumption

I just returned from a conference trip in NYC. I submitted to the conference, mostly for the chance to go to New York on my department's dime. Once I submit receipts and the appropriate paperwork, my department will pay for the plane ticket, a meals and incidentals per diem, and my metrocard. If I had lodging I would be partially reimbursed for that also, but rather than use up my travel funds on hotels, I stayed with some lovely friends who happen to have a guest bedroom. Chris (my domestic partner) came with me since I said I'd split the cost of his ticket with him and pay for half of what we spend on food that isn't reimbursed. We ate exceedingly well so the per diem will not cover the costs of food.

Chris and I try at every turn to live very well on what is essentially a shoestring budget. In actuality, it isn't a shoestring for two single adults, but it would be if we had a family to support. When I began dating Chris, I wasn't comfortable spending money on nicer quality. I viewed material things as relatively disposable. So I bought poor quality stuff and donated them (when they were in donate-able condition) or threw things away when they fell apart. That's not how Chris rolls and it has influenced me quite a bit, at times to a fault.

I haven't updated in a while with purchases. One would think a new york trip would break the bank. I was planning on doing some shopping but found nothing (other than food, a few arty tokens from the Murakami exhibit, and two cheap pashminas) to buy. But I did make a few recent purchases.

I bought the Orla Kiely boots from bluefly and they came today. They're going back tomorrow because I am not in love with their height and can't fit them over pants because of my ham calves. Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy merged website shopping carts so I was able to use my BR giftcards on this gap ruffle cardigan on sale:

I also got a pair of navy tights for $3. And shipping was free!
My black Balenciaga Day arrived:
And I also impulse bought this Gris Fonce city from the marketplace in the purse forum:

It was a great price but I already sold it to another person in tpf. And I already regret selling it deeply. I hope I can find a city in steel or gris fonce again in the future because they are the perfect grays. And I am giving up hope on finding a Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier hobo in Mouse Gray.

One of the perks of being an active member in a few fashion-focused communities is that occasionally, the most generous of lovely people send you nice things! I was ROAK'd (random act of kindness'd) this Diane von Furstenburg wrap dress (vintage from the 90s, I believe).

I am wearing it with my Chie Mihara pumps that I decided to keep since I sold the one bbag and got a fellowship. I should have kept the bbag. :( Maybe the buyer will not want to keep it.

I got these black Melissa "Lorenzo" flats from Pavement in Lawrenceville when I shopped with Chris's mom on Mother's Day after we walked briskly for the cure at the Komen Pittsburgh Race for the Cure.

So I consumed plenty of new things that I didn't need to buy anything in nyc.

When we came back from the trip, I also bought tons of gardening things for the yard. I am slowly working on it when I have time during daylight hours.

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