September 21, 2008

Part 2: REUNITED and it FEELS so GOOD

It seemed as though the universe conspired to ensure that my self-imposed, practical, smart shopping ban was an epic fail. The Saks mystery money thing was a surprise but I didn't falter. The European event at Filene's had surprising potential, but I walked away with my bankbook, unscathed. I continued to casually browse ebay,'s Marketplace, Make Up Alley's fashion swap group, and the Deals and Steals/Marketplace boards in The Purse Forum. Nothing really stood out for me in terms of recent sales. Although the looming recession led to retailers scrambling to turn over stock at the end of the summer season, nothing stood out as being must-haves. It helped that my least favorite fashions are warm-weather friendly. Regardless of the reason, I was staying true to my ban.

Then the bag that got away became available. The bag whose photos I'd linger over any time I logged into my flickr page. The bag that happened to already be what became (soon after losing it) my holy grail color. The bag I had toiled over selling could be mine again!

You see, a few months prior I bought and swiftly sold a Balenciaga City from 2006 in Gris Fonce (aka the perfect gray mid-size bag) in TPF's marketplace . I sold it because I had also purchased a Balenciaga Day in black around that time. I decided the Day suited my needs better than the City, even though the color and size of the City filled important gaps in my handbag collection.

Thanks to TPF marketplace, the MUA fashion swap, and ebay I had plenty of opportunities since that sale to score amazing deals on bags I've long coveted (Marc Jacobs Stam, Anna Corinna City, Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo in Elephant, Chloé Ava, Miu Miu Bow Satchel, etc.). I managed to pass on every deal, and occasionally tortured myself by visiting the Balenciaga subforum on TPF Marketplace. One day last week, the buyer of my bag listed it. I made an offer and she accepted. So now the bag is sitting in its dustbag on my dresser.

But it didn't stop there.

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miggy15 said...

dam i love this bag, im thinking of getting the city in dark brown!


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