November 22, 2008

The end is nigh: Saks moved Black Friday

And holy crap I don't know how I'm going to get all the things I "presold" home.

In light of news about an appealing Neiman Marcus early mark down promotion, designed to lure customers and convince them to spend all their precious dollars before Black Friday, the decision-makers at Saks took drastic measures and allowed their cardholders to presale (which just means to buy but hold in store, in advance of a sale) for Tuesday's triple points, and slashed an additional 50% off preexisting sale prices. The percentages equate to 70% off most fall 08 (and earlier) merchandise and I was there Thursday morning (then again, Thursday and Friday afternoon into the evening, helping friends) to scope deals. The tip came from two of my favorite fashion messageboard communities, and The Purse Forum which are both amazing resources for information about deals, sales, coupon codes, promotions, and in person pictures/fit guides/reviews/etc. of designer clothes, bags, shoes, and jewelry.

The prices are unreal and the deals are unlike any sale I've seen before Black Friday. These are after xmas prices.

Chanel bags on sale. That doesn't tend to happen.
Christian Louboutins for below-sample-sale prices.
Marc by Marc Jacobs clothes marked down to Old Navy retail.
Jimmy Choos for $120.
Tory Burch for $60.
Longchamp Le Pliage for $35.
Chantelle and Wacoal Luxe for less than Victoria's Secret.
Chloe bags for $300
MBMJ turnlock bags for $107 and zip clutches for $50
Marc Jacobs collection zip clutches for $80-something and bags for $200-something.
Men's Lacoste polos for $25.
I could continue but you get the idea.

I have presales to pick up in almost every department. And I need to make sure I don't forget anything. I want to go first thing on Tuesday to pick up my things for fear that they'll be disorganized and give my things to someone else.

Unfortunately, the online promotion is not as good as the in-store so if you are able, you should go to the actual store. Even if you don't have a card, you might get a sales associate willing to pre-sale with any debit or credit card. And if you sign up for a saks card, you get an additional 10% off anything you buy that day.

I got a lot of my holiday shopping accomplished thanks to this sale. The challenge will be picking and choosing what I should keep from this sale and from my recent spate of online shopping, which I will post about later today. Sale goggles are powerful in their ability of delusion. Even if prices are great, I need to leave a lot of the stuff behind for the sake of my sanity and my finances. The beauty of a presale is you have a few days to think over the purchase. Since I have to go back anyway to pick things up, I can and will make immediate returns.

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