January 03, 2009

If I hit the lottery and had a time machine: Winter White Edition

It is time for a new edition of my coulda-woulda-shoulda shopping regrets. I call it rearview fashionism: looking backward while thinking fashion forward. In other words, this series is lamenting what my closet could have been.

It has been quite chilly lately. And although I have a plethora of street pashminas and a few clutch cashmere numbers, I long for a scarf that will stay put without an annoyingly bulky neckknot. If I could go back in time with lottery money I would purchase the Kyle Scarf by Mike and Chris:

Though they're pretty simple, the slouchy drape is difficult to replicate. I haven't found an adequate knockoff and I've searched through pages and pages of "button scarves" on etsy. Sadly, the financial woes that have hit this line might mean I will never acquire what is now a hard to find piece.

If I could go back in time to Fall of 2006 and buy this Alexander McQueen dress, I absolutely would.
I would put myself through months of ramen noodles and cancel cable for this dress. I fell in love with it immediately and thought it would make the perfect wedding dress for me. I am not really into standard, strapless, white, taffeta fare. I love the antique look of the ivory tulle and its juxtaposition with the gothic victorian lace details. And I would wear it again and again and again to my anniversary dinners and fancy parties.

While I'm on the subject of alternative wedding dressing, I wouldn't kick this other McQueen frock out of my bridal suite:

Granted, it is much simpler and something similar could probably be found for less, I find the subtle print and the muted color tones to evoke exactly what I am looking for in a dress for The Big Day. It is definitely re-wearable, too!

This strapless Marchesa dress has stunning beadwork and although I personally wouldn't wear strapless because of my ample bustline, I would adore a cap sleeved version of this.

So I guess for this item I would need a time machine, winning lotto tickets, and a franken-dress maker.

Finally, this Burberry dress would make a beautiful, interesting, and versatile statement and I could wear it on the big day and days to come.

But the chance to purchase it and everything else in this post has come and gone, save for estalking on ebay. Who knows, though. Maybe when Net-a-Porter launches its outlet called "The Outnet" this Spring I will be offered a fashion reprieve for one of these dresses?!

Maybe this bodes badly for the plans I have to make but the mere thought of hunting for a conventional wedding dress makes me so very sleepy. I'd love to hear about how other traditional and non-traditional, fashionable ladies dealt with the dress conundrum for big days!


Tabitha said...

Shopping for wedding dresses are never easy - and truth be told if I were to have my wedding today my dress would be totally different than the dress I chose 5 years ago. For me I went with a plain jane dress and let my accessories dazzle it up.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thanks Fashion Therapist. I will probably end up doing that too... simple dress with exciting accessories. Especially since it will be an easier sell to my family who is already not to keen on the idea of me not marrying in a church.


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