March 26, 2009

Consumed by Chloé

I can't quite pinpoint the origin of this resurrection but, my long-standing obsession with all things Chloé feels more intense than ever. The issue is, I haven't had much time to follow the design house closely so my interest lays mostly in past season pieces. Pieces that occasionally show up on ebay and occasionally are within my budget. But most of the items are relegated to that category of "the ones that got away"... or to be more accurate, the ones that have never been affordable enough to be mine. But I still love all things Chloé. And if I were impossibly, disgustingly wealthy, (in addition to taking on many deserving philanthropic endeavors) I would take weekend trips from Pittsburgh to Paris, swathing myself in all things Chloé. My wardrobe for such a voyage might look like this:

To be fair, all things but the bracelet and umbrella are Chloé. You will notice that in my fantasy travels, it is fall weather. This is no mistake.

This year, I sold my first Chloé purchase, which was also my first high end designer purchase: the Chloé Tracy. You can still see it in my blogger profile avatar. I haven't bothered to come up with something else.

I sold my only Chloé bag because it was impractical for my needs. It was a huge bag with thick gorgeous leather, but the straps were too short to wear as a shoulder bag. Longer straps could have made the size manageable. Before selling, I contacted the manufacturer to see if they made a sling or messenger strap that I could buy to attach to the bag, increasing its functionality (like Chloé eventually did with the classic Edith bag). No dice. So I said goodbye. Maybe I'll find a place for a Chloé bag in my life (and in my budget) again. Until then, paper dolls it is!

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