March 19, 2009

SALE ALERT! Sample Sale

Sometimes it pays to be scouring shopping websites in the middle of the night. My friend, Blueyesbecky from discovered (prior to the Daily Candy email, and prior to the publicity it got on Make Up Alley and The Purse Forum), that Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dresses from the last few seasons were selling for as low as $35 on Yoox with most priced around $60!!

So I started to click around to see what else was for sale! A lot of the things I would have bought were sold out by the time I looked, but there are still deals to be found!

Sadly, I was snoozing and lost out on these items:

Balenciaga bag for $130

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Mia lace dress that Blair Waldorf wore on Gossip Girl for $50.
There are mens and children's items included in the sale, too. It can't hurt to look. The only bummer is that the sale pages do not remove items that have sold out, so you are forced to see what you missed when you search by brand or category.


Ashley said...

Ahhh no!! That MJ dress was only $50? I can't believe it sold out without my knowledge of the sale *dies*!


Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

I know! The worst part is that I was able to add it to my cart but it sold out while I was browsing the other designers. :(


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