July 01, 2009

Feeling Lucky, Punk!: Trendspotting Studded Accessories

Over the last year or so, the movers and shakers in fashion colluded to resurrect, yet again, aesthetic elements from the punk music subculture. The iconic signifier of choice this time around was the metal, raised stud juxtaposed with leather. While this trend has been around for decades, designers and mass retailers are adding key components that embody sophistication and luxury.

My favorite of the more contemporary punk inspired offerings was the Marc Jacobs winter resort collection from 2007 (I think), which featured the "Sweet Punk" bags. Each bag was named after an icon of 80s punk (Sid, Debbie, Siouxie, etc.).

These bags were pretty rare and had an obscene retail price point so I've never laid my hands on one. But I continue to covet them! This particular photo makes the leather look pretty bad. I've seen nicer, non stock photos on The Purse Forum.

Because I haven't won the lottery and still don't have a time machine, I have settled for other items that pay homage to the subculture of my youth.

I was fortunate to know someone who attended the recent Linea Pelle sample sale in LA. My friend, Sandy (aka Lilykind from Fashionism.org), went with the intent to help out all her far away pals in need of a sophisticated stud fix. And she didn't disappoint! Here is the haul purchased on our behalves:

I bought the black double buckle pyramid stud belt and a double wrap cuff in crimson.

They've already become staple accent accessories in my wardrobe! Thank you so much to Lilykind!

I immediately wanted this Burberry studded watch but knew that the obscene price point would make it an impossibility.

Thankfully, Betsey Johnson must have had the studded watch idea a few seasons ago because I found this style on deep discount at the Nordstrom Rack in Shady Grove, MD.

The yellow gold tone sets it apart from the masculine leather cuffs and studded accoutrement I wore as a teenager. I discovered she also made them in a pewter black and possibly silver. The price point was about 5% of the retail on the Burberry.


Anonymous said...

ah, i've been drooling over that burberry watch too! nice to know there are alternatives :)

A Stylized Hysteria said...

Oh, you got some good stuff from the LP sale! And I loved that MJ studded collection. I almost never see pics of the bags.

gnatelise said...

I am obsessed with pyramid studs!!! I love it all!

Allie said...

Hey! Thanks for entering my giveaway, good luck :)

Eyeliah said...

Oh that is a beautiful bag. sigh


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