December 16, 2009

Leifsdottir Bohemian Toss Dress Review

I first saw the lovely, purple, silk dress in "Bohemian Toss" print by Leifsdottir at Bloomingdales in Chicago.
I didn't bother trying it on because as much as I adore many of the pieces designed by this Anthropologie/Urban Outfitters-owned line, the prices are usually obscene. And in my opinion this dress was no exception, for the quality of garment you receive. While the fabrics and prints from Leifsdottir are lovely, and their special, whimsical details come in hefty supply, it just is not a good value for what you get. That is, unless you find it on sale! And I did. I found it on sale in early December, on Bloomingdales' website. And with two additional % off coupons stacked on top of free shipping, the dress became 60% below retail.

Here lies the dilemma. At 60% below retail I am still not convinced this dress is right for me. What I missed out on by NOT trying it on in store, was knowledge of fit. This dress runs small and SHORT. This is the size 10:
I am usually an 8 or 10 in Leifsdottir dresses. But in "Bohemian Toss," I wished I had ordered the 12. I am only 5'3 and the handkerchief hemline is structured so that the front and back views are shorter than the sides. This dress fails my "sit test" unless I am wearing opaque hosiery, making it a spendy seasonal number, rather than a year round option. A seasonal designation hurts the dress' value since I won't be able to get as much mileage out of it in warm, tightsless months.

Furthermore, as pretty as the print is, and as saturated and perfect the hue of purple silk, something about this dress didn't seem special enough to keep. I think I am going to send it back this week. Can I get some opinions?


robina said...

i think it actually looks *really* flattering to your figure but if it's too short to be comfortable in, then return it!

vingleburt wingeldank said...

I agree with robina - even though we think it looks cute (and it does) if it makes you uncomfortable, then its just going to be that dress that you like, but don't like wearing. And wouldn't you rather look good AND feel good? send it back! :)

Tien said...

I actually have been pining for this dress. I agree it runs short and small. I'm usually a 0/2 in dress, and tried on the 10, and it's just a little loose! I totally missed the sale, otherwise I would have bought it!

If it's too short, add a slip with lace peeking out. See if that will work for you.

I agree that it looks great on you, but concur that if you're not comfortable, you're not comfortable.

I'm really in love with this dress.

The color schemes of this dress it outside my comfort zone, but it's so gorgeous. I love Leifsdottir. Wish their prices weren't so astronomical.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you for the feedback, Robina, Christina Vingleburt, and Tien!

Robina and Christina, I definitely agree that regardless of look, personal comfort level is paramount. And I just think this dress is too short AND too body conscious. If it was just one, maybe I would be more open to it.

Tien, I wish I had known when I was ordering more about the fit experiences of other people who tried on this dress! It is reassuring to learn that I wasn't alone in thinking it was too small. That slip idea is a great one. I might cut the box back open before I take it to UPS just to try it out for fun! I love the hue of purple that backgrounds the print. While I wear a lot of colors, the combo of saturated jewel tones in the print is quite different from anything else I own. But the fit and comfort level are dealbreakers for me.

Thank you all for reading!


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