April 24, 2010

Red Reed

I was torn over whether or not to keep solid red Reed Shirtdress after I bought it in red plaid. I used my Anthropologie bday discount and got both on sale. I thought I *really* wanted the solid green (I still kind of do) but the orangey red grew on me. I don't usually wear a color this bright on its own, so I styled it a few ways to make it less of an announcement dress and more of simply an outfit.
The Red Reed is sold out, along with all the other combinations, online. But a few occasionally are spotted in stores. I follow the trading community over at Effortless Anthropologie to keep abreast of store stocks.

I like that the solid Reeds are slightly shorter than the plaids. They run a little smaller, too in my opinion. This is a size 8 but it is a little more snug than the plaid was.
Shown with:
Levis denim jacket
Vintage Coach satchel
Coach Shine flats in gray*
Aqua cashmere cardigan (budget similar in cotton here)
Chloe flats (budget similar here)
Linea Pelle belt  (budget similar here)
Hue tights

*I hadn't really thought about Coach lately, beyond the vintage satchel I bought from ebay. But the  incredibly stylish Owls influenced me to take another look. I found those flats on clearance at Marshalls for even less than the above sale price.


muzzleloader said...

i love this on you! the red suits you 100%. i kind of think it might be the best color i've seen you in!

Brianna said...

I love all of these looks!!!

Ashley said...

That dress was made for you! Seriously, the color is stunning on you! I'm not sure I could pull it off, but you definitely do, flawlessly!


Sarah said...

Thanks! I've been lusting after the orange for awhile- I haven't seen many people showing the colour online. I can't wait to pick mine up at a friend's in a couple of weeks (I'm stuck in almost-anthropologie-less Canada)

joelle van dyne said...

oh wow i didn't realize the reed came in red! i really like this color- i think it is my favorite of them all. it's very pretty styled with the grey. i have a red skirt i'm always trying to tone down, and i think grey and also weirdly pale pink are the best bets. that vintage coach bag is really great too- noel and i have both been eyeing them on ebay! it is such a nice classic looking bag. ~joelle

Jesspgh said...

Thank you for the kind words and votes of confidence on this color, Muzzleloader, Brianna, Ashley, Sarah, and Joelle!

It is far bolder than I typically wear but I am going to try the pale pink idea, Joelle! I liked gray and pale blue with it because for me, it soften the harshness in a way that black just would intensify, if that makes sense.


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