October 09, 2010

Store review of Anne Gregory for the Bride: Updated with photo and comments

In April 2010, with the help of my sister's input and my parents' intense generosity, I bought my wedding dress. Below was my initial review of the experience with an update and included dress photograph.
Last weekend, I became a consumer and patron of here:
Although I will not share what I selected, I am relieved to have completed this particular shopping task. I attempted to pay for the purchase myself, but my parents were insistent/persistent. I felt epically spoiled, to the point where I actually cried a little bit from excitement, guilt, and overwhelm. Who knew that I would succumb so swiftly to clich√©?! But I hadn't thought it possible to be thrilled by something I will wear just once... 

The workers at Anne Gregory in Mt Lebanon, PA were helpful and understanding of both my budget and my aesthetics. I was assisted by one of the owners, Mary Anne who was particularly kind and professional. I knew that this store was among the fanciest in the greater Pittsburgh area so my hopes were both high and low. I knew their selection would be incredible. I also believed they would be far too expensive.

They are in the process of relocating to a larger space in Dormont but before doing so they're clearing out past-season stock. I benefited from this clearing, directly. The retail on my dress exceeded the down-payment for our house but it was marked down to a fraction of that original price. If you are in need of evening or wedding attire, I would recommend visiting the store and being honest/unashamed about your budgetary limitations. Although it is likely that we would have received a different level of service if our last name was "Rockefeller" and we had stated no price ceiling, the quality of their selection is unrivaled. Eventually the garments that linger must be marked down and moved to make room for new stock so sales do happen and values are to be found.
UPDATE on the new space: It is GORGEOUS! Amazing lighting, big windows, and pretty mirrors. I liked the old space but this new one is magnificent. (Now that the wedding day has come and gone, I can even post a photo to show you how nice the lighting is!).

Edited to add: Here is a photo from Heinz Chapel (where we wedded at 4:30pm, 10-9-10) on the big day!

My dress was a concoction of beading, lace, tiers, and chiffon. It couldn't have been further from what I *thought* I wanted but when I saw it hanging in the store, I knew. It was a weird palpable feeling that I didn't believe to exist. I thought it was the stuff of fictive wedding industrial complex media. The designer's name is Stephen Yearick who I had never heard of prior to that day.

I was so pleased with the Anne Gregory team and my alterations were done with extensive skill and care. I cannot recommend this place highly enough! You can see my dress in action here, here (scroll to the bottom), and here (wherein you can see alterations in progress as they looked in the new naturally lit, beautiful Anne Gregory space in Dormont). I also highly recommend Smartform Pittsburgh for bridal undergarments! They fit and alter specifically to you. Their prices are reasonable, their alterations are swift and inexpensive, and they are exceedingly professional. My shoes were by Christian Louboutin.

My stylish hair stylist friend Erin did my hair. And the fine folks at MCN salon did my make up.

Thanks for reading and if you are a Pittsburgher who found my blog via google, I wish you the best of luck in finding your dress!

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