May 23, 2010

Horses and Brunch

I wore this less than flattering H&M dress for brunch, dog walking, and to dinner at a friend's house. I got this one from the clearance rack years ago. I loved its print in part because of the ChloƩ collection featuring horses. But I knew when i first saw the dress that the shape would be very potato like on me. Despite this, when it went on major discount, I snatched it up and wear it whenever I want an easy comfortable look. Despite the long sleeves it is super lightweight so I often sport it on humid days like those we've had recently in pittsburgh.
H&M horse print babydoll dress (similar babydoll dress here; horse print shorts here)
Tory Burch Lee Lee flats (similar here)
Detail of the print above.


Dorky Medievalist said...

I think this dress is a great length on you and it looks like a cozy, comfy dog-walking, brunch-eating outfit. I wouldn't say this is less-than-flattering at all; it's flattering in a set-one-at-ease kind of a way. And those flats are awesome.

Rad said...

I also find this dress to be flattering. I don't think a dress needs to accentuate one's curves and waist to be flattering. Adorable print (the H&M clearance rack is dangerously awesome).

A Stylized Hysteria said...

I would not call that dress potato-like on you at all :)

noel vallens said...

i love this dress! anything with horses on it is fine by me :)

Ashley said...

Love the print on that dress! And it isn't unflattering on you at all, I think you look perfect for a casual Sunday!


SunnyDay said...

I agree, perfect casual Sunday dress. The horse print is lovely. This brings to mind your earlier post about wearing what is flattering. I don't dress "to the nines" every day, as in wearing something intended to show my best feature, highlight my assets, etc. Some days I am, as my husband jokingly called me, "less overt in my loveliness". :)

Jessica Miranda said...

I adore that dress. You can cinch it up with a cute belt too!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Dorky Medievalist, it is super comfy! Thanks for the compliments!

Rad, I agree that flattering shouldn't be in such a narrow box that means "body conscious."

A Stylized Hysteria, haha thanks.

Noel, the horses are what drew me to this dress!

Ashley, Thanks so much!

Desert Flower, that is so charming. "Less overt in one's loveliness," is clever and lovingly teasing of your husband to say.

Jessica, thank is a great idea! I will try it.

Thank you all for reading!

Anna said...

I had this dress and loved it so much. But I lost it and would do almost everything to get it back. You wouldn't want to sell it to me? Would you???

Greetings from snowy Hamburg


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