June 30, 2010

Chicago Trip: Outfits and Fitting Room Reviews from Anthropologie and Barneys

The above are from Friday evening, after we both got a little sunburnt and were a little exhausted, enjoying the outdoor music of Summer Dance. I am wearing the Burlapp Bold Boutonnière dress with the Cartography Cardigan, both from Anthropologie. Chris is wearing a Penguin polo.

While we had meant to venture outside of the Loop on Friday evening, we ran out of time and energy. That morning we had taken an unexpectedly long walk from our hotel to Chinatown, then from Chinatown to the lakefront by way of Soldier Field. Thankfully we were dressed comfortably (I'm in Old Navy shorts and an SJP Bitten top).
We instead ended up going to North Michigan and thereabouts on Saturday morning, before the wedding.
We stopped off at the lake again, in between stores. Chris is wearing a James Perse polo, Robert Marc sunglasses, Earnest Sewns, and Asics.
I tried on this incredibly beautiful and fancy 3.1 Phillip Lim sequined dress that was on significant sale but passed because it was slightly too short for my comfort zone. This is a size 8 and it fit fine otherwise so although 3.1 usually runs large, this was pretty true.
I also tried on this funny wrap dress by A.P.C. which I can't find online. This is a large. Although normally APC runs pretty large, this one ran true to size and fit just a little big. I tried on a few other things at Anthropologie too. 
The Salty Seas dress in a size 6 fit me awkwardly.
This clock print Lost Time skirt (size 8) poofed in a way that made me uncomfortable but was otherwise true to size. I paired it with a sale top.
While in the Coop section of Barneys, I grabbed this Ella Moss silk floral dress with a tank shell in size medium (same print different style here). It reminded me very much of the floral print dress I wore to my 8th grade harvest dance in 1994. I actually ended up buying this one and wearing it later that day with some t-strap Chies (similar here), a Forever 21 belt, and a black Balenciaga Day.
For laughs, Chris tried on this Balenciaga suit vest thing at Filene's. He ended up buying an NSF jacket from Barneys. He wore it to an art exhibit we visited in Pittsburgh this week (shown on the right).

We had such a nice trip but didn't have time to do everything we had hoped. I wanted to meet up with a few friends. My friend Jess's band was playing and I was looking forward to meeting Kim from Anthroholic. Sadly, trips always fly by much faster than you can anticipate in the planning stages beforehand and with a wedding and other firm plans in place, other things end up being impossible to fit into the schedule. Hopefully next time we can do even more!


Tien said...

OMG, Jess, my jaw dropped at the Phillip Lim Dress. It is so so SO beautiful. But, how often would you get to wear it? I totally understand why you passed. Great buy on the Ella Moss dress; it's adorable! How I wish the Cartography cardigan looked as good on me as it does on you!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Tien, the main thing (other than a slightly short length which could be softened by tights) was that I lack the glamorous lifestyle that necessitates such a dress. I have no clue where I could wear it. Weddings wouldn't be formal enough. New Years Eve is too one off. So back to the sale rack it went...

Kim said...

We will totally meet up next time you are here! So sorry I missed you, but it looks like you had a great trip!

Anjali said...

Holy WOW that Phillip Lim dress is amaaaazing. I *suppose* I see the lack of versatility, but still, I'm drooling a little over here ;) I do also really like the Ella Moss dress you did buy though; I'm such a sucker for '90s floral prints.

Rad said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time in Chicago! I also dig the Ella Moss dress.
I always find that trips are jam packed and I never quite get to do all that I want (and even if I do, I'm always late). Luckily, people are pretty understanding.

Marianne said...

I love that Ella Moss dress on you! Super flattering.

gee said...

the philip lim dress looked amazing on you!!! i want it..!!! & i LOVE the ella moss dress, so glad you got it.. looks perfect on you!!! xoxo

Jessica said...

What a great trip! And I love the map cardi wit that dress!

Cat said...

The Philip Lim - AMAZING! I love your reviews. The pic of the salty seas dress doesn't capture any awkwardness. It looks great. I agree with your assessment of A.P.C. I have problems figuring out what sizes to buy/try. Glad you had fun in chicago!

Academic Writer (a.k.a. A-Dubs) said...

Ooh! You tried the lobster dress! I, too, love the Ella Moss dress; silk just feels so light and airy and perfect, no?

Also, 'nice work trying on the Philip Lim. Too bad it couldn't be just an inch or two longer. Why must everything be so bloody short this year?

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Kim, It was a great trip! I hope to come back soon. :)

goldenmeans, I *wish* I had a lifestyle that necessitated it. Or alternately, I wish it was an inch longer because I would have thrown practicality caution to the wind and bought it anyway.

Rad, I did have a nice time and I hope you did too!

Marianne, Thanks so much!

Gee, aww thank you! You are too sweet!

Jessica, Yeah the map cardi and bold bout dress really work together in my opinion too! Thank you!

Cat, You are too kind. It is awkward. It emphasizes my bust in a way that makes me uncomfortable. APC is so all over the map, fit wise.

A-dubs, Silk is such a great all season fabric. I hate how short everything is lately. I like some fabric under my butt when I sit, ya know! haha

Thank you all for reading!


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