June 04, 2010

It's a Nice Day for White Linen

Not that I follow all the arbitrary fashion rules, but it feels out of place to wear linen any time of year other than the bookended period from Memorial Day to Labor Day. My lifestyle doesn't typically involved going on tropical "holidays" or anything like that. So last year, after visiting Ft. Lauderdale for Labor Day weekend, I packed away my favorite white linen dress. It is See by Chloe spring 2009. And although it is wrinkley I can't wait to wear it to picnics, grad parties, and other summer events.

See by Chloe Linen Dress (similar SbC here, here, and here; others here, here, and here)
Linea Pelle double wrap studded bracelet (similar here, here, and here)
Marc by Marc Jacobs simple-esque pewter pumps (similar here, here, and here)
Cynthia Rowley handbag (similar here, here, and here)
Have you pulled anything out of storage for summer that you are excited to wear?

BTW, the ladies of The Owls Are Not What They Seem are throwing a great jewelry giveaway. Be sure to check it out!


Kate (Embarrassment of Riches) said...

I think this is my favorite outfit of your EVER! I lovelovelove it! Perfection.

None said...

I love the title of this post, and it's a very pretty dress.

Tien said...

I love it, Jess! It looks great. The white linen really brightens you up.

Amblus said...

You have such cute dresses, I swear.

Anonymous said...

Such a fab dress! Very summery, I love it :)

Dorky Medievalist said...

This is a really great dress and so breezy. And I really love that kick-ass bracelet. It adds a nice pop of colour and toughness to the ensemble.

I haven't gotten any summery things out because it is still too cold and wet here. Seriously, I am still wearing a coat.

Cat said...

Such a perfect summer white! Love it! A part of me lives for season changes just to bring out my favorite outfits.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Kate, Lady Cardigan, Tien, Amblus, Cat, and Little Miss Plump, thank you all so much for your kind compliments!

Dorky Medievalist, I am envious it is coat weather where you are. Although I enjoy breaking out summery fabrics, I'll take fall fashion any day of the week.

Anjali said...

You have the best dresses everrr Jess. And the bag with this dress is awesome!!


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