June 21, 2010

Uncovering a cute coverup

I try to find plenty of reasons and places to swim during warmer months. City of Pittsburgh pools just opened this week and I got a season pass! I have a few bathing suits (bikinis, tankinis, and one pieces) that are surprisingly supportive. Thank goodness for figleaves.com, at least prior to their changes in the return policy. I found many suits complete with underwire, ample selection, and sizing that mimic perfectly that of brassieres.

So the difficult part of locating suits in which I can comfortably and functionally swim is tackled. The thing I am always on the lookout for is a cute coverup. I am a fairly modest person so I feel uncomfortable showing a lot of skin even in scenarios where it is appropriate (i.e. at a beach or around a public pool). Cute coverups are integral to my summer swimming exit strategy. I throw one on after a swim to read, chat, snack, or bask.  And I often find them in the women's intimates section, where pretty printed night dresses are plentiful. The key is finding pieces that are not obviously negligees. I did just that this week at Marshalls. This one by the pajama brand, Munki Munki was clearanced and too cute to pass up.
The roller skate print borders on being too twee, but I figure arbitrary limitations regarding age and fashion don't necessarily apply, poolside. Marshalls had little short and pant pj sets in this print in addition to an elephant print that I might go snag. I had no idea how pricey the stuff was supposed to be until I got home and scoped their website.

What do you wear when you're feeling modest by the pool?


Tien said...

That looks totally like a sundress and not pajamas--definitely needs to be worn out, not kept inside.

The colors look fantastic on you!

Ady Grafovna said...

I wear a one piece bathing suit (retro-style, not matronly) and I usually throw on an oversized button-down shirt and sunglasses and maybe a sunhat when I go to the pool or the beach.
I also agree with Tien that this looks like a sundress and needs to be worn outside!

Anonymous said...

cute, cute, cute! you have quite an eye for fantastic prints (be it dresses or cover-ups!)

i'd always been a bikini fan but lately find myself drawn to one pieces (perhaps b/c my stomach never fully returned to it's reasonably flat self since giving birth!) i'm fairly thin, however quite busty so good support is a must for me, be it one or two piece! i'm a fan of shoshanna and malia mills--shoshanna makes fantastic prints (and are 'bra-sized'!) and malia mills cuts a fantastic shape, big/small/flatchested/busty--works for everyone!

Cat said...

Rollerskates! How cute! I wear coverups out all the time. Hawaii's beach culture practically requires it. This one fits you *perfectly*...so flattering and summery at once!

Ashley said...

That elephant print one you linked to is *SO* cute! I am so heading to Marshalls tomorrow to see if they have any of this! :)


Jessica Miranda said...

LOVE the roller skates reminiscent from my roller derby days *sigh* - beautiful as always woman!!!

Allie said...

Yes, look how cute you are!


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