August 23, 2010

Reviews from the Anthropologie Sale Rack

I haven't had a lot of time to visit many stores unrelated to wedding business. But I had a few minutes to stop by Anthropologie following my most recent wedding dress fitting appointment. I justified the indulgence because I was returning the Lanai Breezes Shift I reviewed previously. Because I had limited time, I made a b-line for the sale section. With all-things-bridal on the brain, I immediately grabbed the ethereal, ivory-hued Tea and Sweets dress. I was surprised to see this was sized with the letters SML rather than anything numerical. The above is a medium. I learned it was very stretchy and acceptable, if not a bit low cut. You can see the full slip I wore that day peeking out from the sweetheart neckline of the dress. I wore it so that I could remain modest in the hands of the seamstress and staff at Anne Gregory for the Bride. And I didn't feel like removing it for a quick dressing room run. But I am glad I kept it on so that I feel comfortable sharing this photo. Allowing the dress to be as low cut as it would have been on its own might have required me to add a PG 13 rating to this blog. If I had more time I would have tried the small in this dress though I would have feared the bust shape would have been even skimpier.

Next I tried another ivory garment by Deletta called the Breakfasting Dress. Oh my! I can't help but marvel at how horrible this dress looked on me. I almost didn't want to share the photograph! Another stretchy S/M/L sized dress. I grabbed a medium. Maybe the small would have helped but it is doubtful. I suspect that nothing could have salvaged this dress on me. The fabric is so thick and substantial. It just hung stiffly off my body. I have seen it look good on many but it was a bad scene here.

Cinderella's Hour Chemise was as cute as the long-since sold out key print Simply Inviting Chemise. And the fit was identical. I am wearing a medium. Also pictured is the Precious Metals Cardigan which I loved. I took a medium in this and was about to purchase it because it was definitely a nice value at the sale price. Then I saw a big bright pink lipstick stain on the arm (I don't wear pink lipstick so it wasn't from me). It was the last one of my size in the store so it wasn't meant to be. When I got home it had sold out from the website. Oh well! But it is really soft to the touch and fit true to size.

Lastly, I tried on this mystery skirt from the second cut sale rack. It was $19.99 if I remember correctly, but the sizes were limited. They mostly had larger sizes available if you are looking for it. This is a 6. It fit alright but I might have preferred an 8.

I left empty handed, save for a few unmentionables from the second cut intimates bins. But the sales are pretty good right now! I am curious to see what if anything will be marked down tomorrow!


gee said...

that first dress you are wearing is AMAZING! i love the colors and details. it looks so look beautiful in it. the husband is taking me to Anthro tomorrow and i am beyond excited they better have some good things in the sale area. :) xoox

What Lou Wore 365 said...

I like the skirt (called Phosphorescence Skirt on the UK site, I presume it was the same in the US). I haven't noticed any other blog reviews on it as it is quite old so thank you! If it takes a second cut I might pick it up for next summer as this summer seems to have ended here!

A Stylized Hysteria said...

I absolutely love dress #1 and the skirt. You always look so good in brightly colored patterns.

roxyturtle said...

The Tea & Sweets Dress looks so great on you! Too bad about the Precious Materials Cardi; it also looked fantastic. I LOVE your hair by the way. You are looking hawt girl.

Tien said...

The Tea & Sweets is a knockout on you. So beautiful! The precious materials cardi is really pretty, too.

Anonymous said...

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