September 01, 2010

First Day of Teaching Outfit of the Day

I wore this to teach my first classes as a faculty member! The top is from New York and Company via Gabriel Brothers. The skirt is by Tibi. The shoes are Nine West. And the bag is Jenny Yuen. My first day went really well and I am in the process of making my office feel like a great home away from home. The only thing I lament is my early start time. I am not a morning person but I am going to need to learn to be. The morning person thing wouldn't really matter if my drive wasn't as long as it is. But I get nervous driving far when my sense of alertness might be compromised. I wish there was a viable public transit option but sadly, there isn't. Thank goodness for coffee!!


Amblus said...

Ahh! That skirt is GREAT. I love this look on you.

robina said...

Happy first day of teaching, Prof! You look beautiful.

Rad said...

Cute first day outfit. Hope your day goes swimmingly!

gee said...

happy 1st day of teaching!!!
i hope it was amazing!!! :)

Tien said...

Happy first day of teaching, Jess! Is it okay if I ask what subject? I love these geometric prints on you. It says serious, but fun. Smart and quirky.

No Guilt Fashion said...

I hope your first day went well. The pattern of the skirt looks great on you.

Raquelita said...

You look seriously fab! How long is your commute? (Mine was an hour and ten minutes each way last year and that got old quickly.)

Anjali said...

You look stunning and professional and polished! The fit of that shirt is incredible on you, and your hair and makeup are especially nice today I feel! :) Hope you had a great first day of teaching!

NRC♥ said...

i love the outfit, you coulg teach teachers a thing or too.
I'm new toyour blog..ilove it x

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Amblus, thank you!

Robina, you are too kind! xo

Rad, thanks so much! I hope your first days have gone well too!

Gee, thank you! It was great!

Tien, I teach communication and media studies courses mostly. Thanks!

No guilt fashion, thank you for the compliment!

La Historiadora, the commute takes me about 40 minutes without traffic. It usually ends up being more like 45 or 50. Long... but a small price to pay to live cheaply in Pittsburgh and with my partner, near our family and friends!

Goldenmeans, thanks so much! I spent extra time on that stuff cause I was nervous and wanted to make a good first impression.

NRC, thank you! Welcome to my blog! I am excited to check out yours!


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