September 30, 2010

Scenes from my Bachelorette Party

My bridal attendants are all family, with the exception of my dear friend who introduced me to Chris. Because of this and because of my own personality, it was important that the activities I planned to celebrate my last days of "singledom" (as if living with Chris for five years wasn't a legitimate, committed, and recognizable partnership, in and of itself!) were in good taste and rated PG. There would be no hot pink feather boas. No plastic tiaras. No bedazzled "Mrs. Chris" thong underpants. No cookies or ice cubes in the shape of genitalia. While I don't begrudge those who go that route embracing fully the silliness and fun of bachelorette party culture, I'm 30. And even if I was 21, that route has never been me. Unfortunately, my budget for the event was fairly limited and I forwent the tradition of allowing my attendants to pay. I think they've bore enough economic and planning burdens in finding their own dresses, shoes, etc. with little guidance from me beyond a broad color idea. So a spa weekend or out of town trip were definitely off the table. Instead I opted to book a formal tea service at a local, historic hotel.

The Omni William Penn has hosted tea service in its Terrace Room for decades. Our table overlooked the ornate, grand lobby.

Though the service was a bit slow, the food was delicious. Embarrassingly, we were too hungry to remember to photograph the snacks. But I think it was fun and I will remember it fondly since it was a nice, low key occasion to spend time with my loved ones. Afterwards we worked like a factory to execute the modest favors.

I still need to print up tags with information about the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank but am relieved to have them otherwise completed. We took a quick walk up to the annual Little Italy Days festival in Bloomfield. Then we headed to Oakland to meet up with Chris and the guys. Chris's event was also designed around his tastes and interests.

His brother booked a private room for karaoke (called Norebang) at our favorite Korean restaurant. Food and many Sapporo beers and lively singers combined to produce lots of fun. Above, Chris and I were singing Hall and Oates! To round out the night we went to Gooskis. By then the crowd had thinned out a bit but it was still a wonderful time. I know Chris almost had too much fun and even paid for it with a headache the next morning. Thanks for reading!


Pamela said...

Fun! To each their own, but over the top bachelor and bachelorette parties aren't my scene either.

S said...

Historically, I've felt a great deal of cynicism towards the institution of marriage. But you and Chris's wedding plans make me so happy.

To my mind, a wedding should be a joyous commitment made in front of family and friends. It's that simple! Yet, in the face of growing media coverage and media-inflated expectations, that simplicity of meaning is so often lost. At every step, the two of you have approached your nuptials with a reasonable, sane, and respectful outlook that I wish more people would emulate. Thank you for continuing to share your wedding plans, and being a voice of reason and happiness in the mess that is American marriage!

triciathomas said...

I like the way you did your party! I never had one, I thought they were stupid and didn't want to participate in that tradition. I am glad because instead we took our wedding party out to dinner! You are so classy in everything you do!

Joie de Viv said...

Love that you each celebrated in your own personal fashion. NRB is sooo fun! Did that for my bday last year!

xx Vivian @

thatdamngreendress said...

Beautifully simple and elegant. and about friends and family, as it should be! So is the wedding actually THIS weekend?! Whoa!

And yay on the midnight cygnus skirt- just lovely!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is-classy. It's good to know that i'm not the only girl out there that wants to the wedding festivities to be focused on the bride and groom and their families. And I love Hall and Oates!

NRC♥ said...

I like the idea it seems more intimate x

SunnyDay said...

I could never have pictured you at the thong underwear stripper-dressed-as-policeman type of bachelorette party. I love that the event was so you, elegant and down to earth at the same time. Thank you for sharing the photos.

joelle van dyne said...

ah this sounds so perfect! the typical bachelor/bachelorette party wouldn't my thing AT ALL either. an elegant tea service sounds so fun, and memorable. ~joelle


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