October 14, 2010

Anna Sui Cathedral Windows review

I was so excited to see this pretty dress by Anna Sui for Anthropologie in person. I don't know if it was a web-only item or what but I found one errant dress in the sale room. It was a size large which I thought might be too blousey but wanted to try it anyway. My instincts were correct. The dress was already sac shaped and the large was too big. I liked the print and colors in person but the sale price is still so high that I can't believe it sold out online. I was hoping for a second cut on this one which would probably provoke me to buy the medium or even the small. It comes with a slip that I think could detach. Really pretty but holy cow is this one expensive! Anyone know if it was a website only item?

1 comment:

Suze said...

They had it at my store in Houston but I was surprised to find that it disappeared pretty quickly when it first came out. Pretty crazy considering the lofty price point!


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