October 20, 2010

Capitol Outfits

On Sunday, the day after the wedding, we had our nearest and dearest over to our house for a brunch. I didn't have a lot of time between checking out of the Renaissance Hotel, unpacking all my things, having a bunch of people over, and throwing together an overnight bag for DC. I packed pretty quickly on Sunday afternoon, after our relatives left. And I realized once I got there that I forgot basic plain pieces to mix and match with the printed pieces I grabbed. Instead I had to mix my prints. So the above is one concoction. The cardigan is Marc by Marc Jacobs, the dress is a nightgown from Anthropologie. The shoes are Miu Miu. And the bag is a new-to-me map print drawstring sling bag from ebay.

After we left the Brazilian consulate we decided to go for a bit of a walk. We ended up passing the headquarters of the American Association of University Women. I really regret not visiting them last year when I was officially one of their fellows. But it was fun to get my photo in front after the fact.

And here is another outfit hodge-podge with cords from Old Navy and an American Apparel top.  Speck and I are posing by my former abode in Georgetown (where I got to pretend to be a far fancier gal than my economic reality allows thanks to a very generous friend and his family).

I feel like I've been hitting the weather jackpot lately. And DC was no exception! Though it has cooled down significantly since then.


triciathomas said...

What a fun mini honeymoon! I usually end up packing last minute and not planning near as much as I wish! You look great in both of those outfits!

Tien said...

Sounds wonderful, Jess! I've always loved that cardi on you. And Speck is adorable. It's wonderful to know he was part of such a wonderful celebrations.

thatdamngreendress said...

I came across that cardigan on polyvore recently- oh to die for!

I do love the experience of trying to make things work together on a trip- you've always missed bringing something or other and end up scrounging neat little unexpected combos.
(I also love it when they don't work- there's a certain energy to the chaos. hrrm, spoken by someone who wore purple tights with a brown and green plaid pencil skirt today...)

joelle van dyne said...

looks like a fun trip! i like your print mixing. sometimes packing for a trip last-minute like that can be good for forcing you to try new things. and in this case it definitely worked out well. ~joelle

Raquelita said...

Nice job scoring one of those AAUW writing fellowships last year!

I love the cardi with the dress/nighty in your first outfit!

Brianna said...

I hope you had a relaxing time in DC, next time though you have to let me know so I can come see you!!!

fshnonmymind said...

I love that you wore a nightgown as a dress. :) And that MbMJ cardi is really cute.

Although the temps are a bit cooler, we have been really lucky in the DC area with pretty good weather. Glad you got to enjoy it a bit on your trip.


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