November 17, 2010

Anthropologie Dress Reviews: Watercolor Folds and First Whisperings

Yesterday, because of the newest round of price cuts at Anthropologie I decided to see if the Brief Meeting Blazer still enticed me. My plan was foiled as it was sold out in my size. But while there I tried on a few dresses and wanted to share.

Long drawn to the muted hues but graphic print of this Sunner number called the First Whisperings dress, I grabbed the only one in my store. It was a size smaller than what I would have typically grabbed but the loose style seemed forgiving. This is a small. The fit is a bit snug around the bust but not insurmountably so. And the shape is otherwise right up my alley. Perhaps it isn't the sexiest silhouette but it is one I often wear because it is comfortable and comforting. The fabric is very lovely in person. The dress is unlined and simple. The sizing is on the larger side of things because of its billowy shape. I find it to be a bit expensive for what you get so this one is going on the wishlist!

The next dress I tried was from Tibi, one of my favorites brands. The style, called the Watercolor Folds Dress wasn't something I would typically wear, particularly because of the short length. The length is only exacerbated by the bubble hem. And the draping, while potentially dreamy on some looked pretty bulky and messy on me. I am wearing an 8 which is my typical Tibi size in dresses. It fit comfortably in the waist, hips, and bust but the length bordered on scandalous. It was marked down in my store (Pittsburgh's Bakery Square) to $178ish (I think) and they had sizes 4-8 if you are trying to track one down. I'm sorry I don't have the item number for this one handy. 

When I have a bit more time I'll add a skirt and dress review. Things are hectic today though. Thanks for reading!


Kelly said...

I tried on that second dress and it was ridiculously short on me (I'm only 5'8", too, so I can't even imagine what it looked like on taller girls). I kept tuggging at it at first b/c I thought for sure that there must be some extra fabric that was folded over around my legs and hadn't gotten straightened out, but nope, that was it. Such a bummer b/c the print was gorgeous and Tibi is pretty much out of my price range at other retailers.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Hi Kelly,

That second dress is too short to be practical for sure. I love Tibi prints so much but sometimes the shapes are not at all good for my own shape.

I usually find Tibi on sale at Saks at the end of seasons. I agree the price point is just too high otherwise! But I've found some great deals on ebay too. Thanks for reading!



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