November 07, 2010

Russian Rose Dress Review from Urban Outfitters

With the lure of stackable coupons, I decided to order from Urban Outfitters. As I get older, I find myself shopping there less and less. It isn't just that I have outgrown a lot of the trendy styles and super short hemlines, but I also find their quality to be lacking. Still, I wanted to grab a pair of the House of Holland Suspender tights and in order to reach the coupon use threshold, I had to add another item to my cart. I would up grabbing the Russian Rose dress despite its mixed website reviews. They were out of large so I ordered a medium with a bit of trepidation about fit and length.

My order arrived quickly and the dress seemed nice upon first glance. The embroidered bodice was rich and textured. And the fabric was less sheer and flimsy than the reviews had me expecting. It reminded me very much of my H&M horse print dress, which is a go-to garment for when I visit establishments that still permit cigarette smoking. Generally anything I can throw on and feel pulled together, then throw into to washing machine works in that context. This dress should function similarly. The shape is certainly similar. Although the bodice detail draws attention to an area of my body that is already pretty ample, I think the dress is cute and relatively modest. The length is a bit of an issue, which I assumed but the fit was otherwise fine (aka true to UO sizing which is slightly small). I wore it to dinner on Friday with relatively opaque tights and a slip underneath to add coverage. I hope I don't regret keeping this one.


Tien said...

I have the same issues with length as you do. I can see in the first photo where it may feel short, but I honestly think that with tights or a slip, the length is still modest. Honestly, I think the dress looks great on you, and it really fits your style, so definitely a keeper. I love how rosy your complexion looks!

SunnyDay said...

The slip is a great idea! It looks great with the slip. The close up of the bodice shows the detail, I like that a lot. I think this is a keeper dress.

Katie said...

Hi this may be unusual but I have been looking for this dress for ages! If you still have it, would you consider selling it to me? Thanks!


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