November 28, 2010

Window Shopping for the Holidays

Tibi Ruffle Coat (similar here)
Chie Mihara Lumi Flats (similar here)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Softy Max in Camo

A good friend of mine, Rachel recently moved back to Pittsburgh to get her PhD. This is very exciting because she is usually game for the sillier things, like heading down town to browse the holiday window displays at Macy's and what not. We did this about a week ago and snapped some photos in the process.

The theme this year was a commercially linked one to celebrate a book (and maybe soon-to-be movie?) re-release of Yes, Virginia: There Is a Santa Claus. But the windows themselves were cut paper dioramas that were angled interestingly (and sometimes with disorienting results). I always like to check out the holiday windows but haven't had a partner in crime with which to do it for some time. 

Unfortunately, for Pittsburghers Macys is probably the last remaining downtown department store to really take seriously holiday decor. While Saks includes a few tasteful holiday themed touches, their windows are usually designed with an intent to move product, rather than focus on the festive. 

(photo from the Diocese of Pittsburgh website)

But there are plenty of sites to see otherwise! Market Square and the ice skating rink at PPG Place come to mind. Then there is the huge Creche (nativity scene) at the USX Steel Tower. Supposedly this is the only creche in the world that is an authorized (to scale) replica of the one in Vatican City during the Christmas season.

And I always enjoy seeing the tree (even from afar in a parking garage) at the City County Building. I automatically begin humming Silver Bells in my head every time I spot it. Do other city dwellers seek out the holiday decorations at their favorite downtown spots?


goldenmeans said...

Those Macy*s windows are spectacular! I love the first one especially (of course, since I am a giant bookworm). Thank you for sharing Jess :)

Carol said...

Jess, thanks so much for sharing those windows! They're really wonderful. Kudos to Macy's for keepng up the tradition of wonderful holiday windows. ^_^

erin said...

hey! lilah and i were there on friday :) i actually went dahntahn by myself very early, then came back home and picked her up and we checked out the windows/santas from around the world at ppg place, skating rink, etc. love seeing the sites. i don't think the macy's windows were as good as they used to be though.


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