December 05, 2010

Black and Gold (OOT)Day

J. Crew factory rosette cardigan in Dijon (similar in black here)
Eggplant 3/4 sleeve top from Loft
Saks Fifth Avenue skirt (via the Off Fifth) (similar here, here, and here)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Softy Max Tote
Necklaces from Banana Republic and Yesterday's Best

Sometimes it is hard not to sartorially manifest years of fandom and enthusiasm for Pittsburgh's sports teams. Although I'm not currently comfortable being as boisterous as in years previous (due to the misogynist behaviors exhibited by the Steelers' current quarterback), I find myself more comfortable than most pairing black with gold. For me it has rarely evoked bumblebees or Blind Melon videos. For as long as I can recall it has embodied sports fandom. And last Monday I unthinkingly wore black and gold together yet again. It has been more challenging than I anticipated to suppress my Steeler fandom so long as they continue to have Ben at the helm. But until the ownership makes clear to me that they take seriously women's safety and the real harms caused from misogynist entitlement, they cannot take this particular woman fan for granted.


La Historiadora de Moda said...

Wonderful post! I am so glad to see you bringing some political awareness to this topic. (I have found it difficult to indulge my Steeler fandom this year for similar reasons.)

Are you done with your diss, Jess? Many apologies for asking, but I just realized that I don't remember.

thatdamngreendress said...

Nice- I like the addition of the eggplant to bridge the black-yellow contrast! Which just makes me nostalgic for my own sporting reference- my elementary school colours were purple and gold, and we all wore a yellow t-shirt with snoooy on it for gym class (with purple shorts)!

I have this sweater in grey- I love it, and yes, the mustard is calling out to me!

gee said...

i love the black and yellow together. it looks great on you.
my grandma lives in pittsburgh and she is obsessed with the stellers.

Meghan said...

Cute outfit! I have the exact same cardigan and I love it. Might have to try pairing it with a black or grey skirt since it looks so great on you. I also just bought the same boots (but in cognac). Oh, and I LOVE your handbag!!!

tres tippy said...

I have the same cardigan and totally smiled when you mentioned Blind Melon...and now that song is stuck in my head! hehe. My husband is a huge Eagles fan and I'm glad fashion has not really given into that shade of green!

Desert Flower said...

I love that you added the eggplant color to the gold and black. That and the handbag really add to the palette. Definitely not bumblebee :)

triciathomas said...

I have serious bag envy!!! You look beautiful!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you La Historiadora! It's complicated because there are so many signs that tell me I would not jive politically with the majority of my sports heroes but I respect their talent and the entertainment they provide. It is when they cross from politically unsavory to ethically unsavory that I have to step back for my own sense of ethics. I am still finishing, sadly. Plugging away but getting married and starting a new job were definite setbacks in my schedule.

thatdamngreendress, I really like purple and gold together! Thanks for your comment.

Gee, that is so cool! Do you ever visit this neck of the woods?!

Meghan, I just loved the easy ruffle neckline of the cardi. And the color is one of my favorites! Thanks for reading!

Tres Tippy, I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of the shade of green the Eagles use. But I do root for them because they have a former Pitt Panther, LeSean McCoy!

Desert Flower, thanks so much! I am such a fan of muted jewel tones like these.

Triciathomas, thank you! It was a self bday gift from a few years back.


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