December 28, 2010

Brazil in December: The Outfits

It's hard to feel fashionable when you are transitioning from freezing cold temperatures and a half a foot of snow to 90 degrees and sun. But I'm hardly complaining. I adored my heaping helping of vitamin D and relished every minute of my reunion and honeymoon with Chris. Clothes were low on the list of  priorities during my time in Rio and Buzios.

Ann Taylor Loft top
Anna Sui for Anthropologie skirt
Halston sunglasses
random striped tote bag

This is something I wore for our first walk around the neighborhood of Ipanema. I loved the respective sidewalk mosaics for Copacabana and Ipanema. They provided a unifying aesthetic element that really felt iconic by the end of the trip. I ended up buying a printed sarong (called a Kanga) that featured the pattern you see above.

Though they're completely touristy, they're also so useful and I was grateful that I didn't have to vacate my beach chair to make the purchase due to the numerous roaming souvenir and refreshment salespeople who frequent the crowded beaches of Rio.

I wore this outfit any time I wanted to feel a little more dressed up than my saltwater soaked hair could convey on its own.

Chris bought me this easy jersey knit dress that is printed with graphic firework-inspired designs. I paired it with Havaianas and a belt from Anthropologie. I wore it in Buzios, the night we missed the sunset by about 5 minutes. Bonus big hair thanks to the very strong winds at dusk that day.

You can't see it that well but the Chirping Chemise was a great lounging option for the balcony in Buzios.

I wore this dress I bought a few years ago in St. Barths everywhere in Brazil too. It is the perfect dress for a warmer climate because it is light and comfortable. Here I paired it with Chie Mihara Lumi flats.

The day we accidentally found ourselves climbing Corcovado I was thankful to be in shorts and sneakers.  Unfortunately, Chris found himself in a bathing suit and Havaianas. The views made it worthwhile.

The women's style in Brazil was very feminine. I was overwhelmed by the prevalence of bows adorning shoes, dresses, and jewelry (both for sale and being worn). Ruffles and frills were very popular and the women didn't let the hills and mountains (that make so beautiful this geographical terrain) stop them from sporting sky high heels in many contexts. When I saw stylish women (and I spotted many) I noticed that they moved in a way that seemed effortless and graceful. Their hips swayed noticeably as they walked. And when we went out to a samba club, such outfit choices made even more sense to me as I watched them swing and dance to the music. While I was glad I brought many dresses with me, I definitely felt less pulled together than the majority of the stylish Brazilian women in the areas we visited. But I am not accustomed to the temperatures and was working with a limited closet. Still I was very impressed by the shoes and dresses I saw being worn, specifically.


thatdamngreendress said...

Oh, I am so ready to see some warm weather fashion and locations right now! You look super relaxed and comfortable and cute- I love the 'St Barths' dress- it's like the perfect light fabric with a bit of delicious detail!

Ady Grafovna said...

For clothes being low on your list of priorities, you sure look stunning in all these pictures!

Swati - The girl who loves colorful clothing said...

nothing like a dress and a pair of flats for a vacation ... staying cute and yet comfortable .... it was interesting to read about the Bazilian women fashion sense .... Can't help but giggle at the pic ur hubby holding ur bag .... i thought my hubby was the only one :) ..

Amblus said...

Great photos! Thanks so much for sharing your trip.

gee said...

oh my, i am jealous of your beautiful trip!
i bet the sunshine was wonderful!!
i love all the two look so cute!! :)

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

thatdamngreendress, thank you! The St. Barths dress was a splurge purchase from a few years ago but I have worn it so much in summers and warm weather that the cost per wear is very low.

Ady, you are too kind! I felt sweaty and frumpy most of the time. haha

Swati, haha yeah it was really tiring to climb such a steep terrain so I made him take it over.

Amblus, thank you for reading!

Gee, thanks so much!


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