December 31, 2010

Business Grunge OOTD

Alma Mater Blazer from Anthropologie
Ann Taylor LOFT top
Juicy Couture bow skirt
Boot socks from Kohls
Vintage Coach Satchel

Remember all those romantic 90s comedies that featured quirky female protagonists wearing sportcoat style blazers with combat boots, booties, or creepers? No? Maybe I dreamed it? Maybe it was because I was wearing my Lisa Loeb-est glasses? Regardless, I swear in films like If Lucy Fell,  Miami Rhapsody, Husbands and Wives, Reality Bites, Singles, and the like, quirky lady leads wore cognitively dissonant pairings of pieces like the above. All of them inspired my decision to wear a pretty silly outfit for yesterday's trip to Ross Park Mall.

When I was able to track down an Alma Mater blazer on sale with the extra 25% off thanks to the community over at Effortless Anthropologie, I was thrilled. I wanted the blazer for a while but knew it was an odd piece that would require odd styling.  And I knew I wasn't really dressed age, weather, or style appropriate. But I didn't care because it will almost always be the 90s in my heart. BTW I didn't mean to look so winsome in the middle photo but Chris was in the doorway groaning at my vanity (or just being impatient but wanting to leave the room without being in my photo).


roxy said...

Yay! I'm so glad you found the blazer, and I adore how you've styled it. I hear you on the styling towards the 90s. I had much the same thoughts. ;)

thatdamngreendress said...

Yay! You found it! I love the alma mater...maybe one day...

I find you can do pretty much anything around a good blazer- it tends to bring things together (or at least I hope so, for those off days!) I like the whole 90`s vibe you got going on here- ah, the old oxbloods- I loved mine into the ground!

Anonymous said...

I love the 90s, I just can't help myself. Ah, Reality Bites. I also really love this blazer you're sporting. Awesome!

A-Dubs said...

This. Is. Awesome. You look excellent: simultaneously retro and au currant.

goldenmeans said...

So awesome. I love the '90s quirky and edgy look and you pull it off so well, right down to your Docs! :)


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