December 09, 2010

Conspicuously Printed OOTD

I had just worn this MBMJ paisley dress to school. But by that point I hadn't yet unearthed my thickest coats from storage. Due to plunging recent temperatures, I had to call in the warmest reserves. The only problem was, this particular Domino coat has always been a  tough match. Its unabashed, brightly-colored, semi-obnoxious "clown" print (as I've affectionately dubbed it) looks a little off with so many solid, non-neutral colors. And finding complimentary prints has proved even more difficult. Truth be told, I wear it most often plainer casual outfits comprised of black/gray tops and gray cords or denim. When I do pair it with a dress, there's no reason to reinvent the wheel. It goes so well with this other colorway of paisley that I opt not to separate the two. 

Underneath, I kept it simple. And since I had this dress taken in by my tailor, I can wear it unbelted. I did feel like a silly brand-groupie wearing a MBMJ coat, dress, and pumps all at once, but they work well enough together that it would be even sillier to fight it. I guess I could be guilty of matchy matchy, but the hues are just different enough to make it subtler, in person. I think.


joelle van dyne said...

yay, i love the mix of prints! especially in the wintery jewel tones. the paisley on the dress is awesome. ~joelle

roxyturtle said...

Pretty! I love the print of both and that bag has me drooling.

gee said...

you honestly have the best dresses.
(i know i always say that.)
looooove the print on it.

SunnyDay said...

This dress is so cool. I adore the print. I think the coat, shoes and dress are really perfect together.

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

love your bag! x hivennn.


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