January 20, 2011

It's always better on holiday

J. Crew blouse
Cardigan gift from my mom
Off Fifth skirt
Hue tights
Rosegold booties

This outfit is better suited for December than January. But being in Brazil for a good portion of the lead up to Christmas meant that I didn't do the whole "daughter of a schoolteacher so I love to dress the part" thing I normally do. And when I grabbed this pretty silk blouse from the final sale at J. Crew I knew it could be a holiday-specific piece. The question is does it work outside of holiday dressing?

John Hardy necklace (gift from my mother-in-law)
MBMJ snake bracelet (gift from a friend)

I almost titled this entry "Ruby Soho" because my adolescent and post-adolescent roots are firmly entrenched in punk culture. I have a deep nostalgia for wearing black and red together as a result, no matter how harsh it looks. But the cooptation of punk aesthetics makes me fear appearing too much like a Hot Topic mall punk.


Tien said...

I think it does! Like wearing red and green outside of Christmas. Or white after labor day. It's all about the attitude. I think the beaded neckline really gives the whole outfit a dressier feel.

Cynthia said...

It looks great. But then, I'll wear red any time of the year, and I think red and black is pretty classic for anyone.

Sahiti said...

I bought this top too!! I like how you styled it, it's pretty similar to how it was styled on the mannequin at the J.Crew store. Not just holiday wear!

thatdamngreendress said...

looks great! somehow pairing it with the silky skirt just makes the look consistent. I think if you tried to dress the top down (say with jeans), it would look too festive. weird, don't know why!

Oh, and congrats on scoring the spinning lace- it looks gorgeous. The new harper's bazaar features some great white lace for spring...


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