February 08, 2011

Floating Feathers OOTD

Tibi floating feathers dress (fall 2008)
Rosegold Liz booties
MBMJ bow watch

I wore this to campus last week on a day that was a little warmer. I love this dress. I wish I had it in black too. I never tracked down the Hayden Harnett Hitchcock dress so the black version would have been my substitute.

Though if I had to choose only one then brown is a better addition to my wardrobe. Thanks for reading and sorry for the brevity! I am swamped with work right now.


overcaffeinated said...

Love that dress so much!

zyzzyva said...

Oh, I adore that Tibi dress! How have I never known of its existence before now?
*sigh* One more thing to stalk eBay for... ;)

whatjesslikes said...

Ahhh that is an adorable dress! Love feather-printed things. Did you see the laurel wrap by HH too? It came out after the Hitchcock dress, but instead of birds, it was gold on navy, or white on black feathers.

whatjesslikes said...

I saw some on bonanzle before, not ebay yet. The HH forum over at thepurseforum usually finds them first, good place to start to look for something HH related I find.


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