February 09, 2011

In a bad light

Chloe dress from spring 2007
Cece cardigan
Nine West pumps

The lighting in this photo is craptastic but I like this dress enough to share anyway. Such haphazard imagery is a testament to how swamped I am right now with a big work project. Thanks for bearing with me through it!

If you haven't already read it, I encourage you to check out Jewish Girl's extended blog entry about her nose and the path to body acceptance. I related so deeply to it and just loved her smart and witty writing! I added my own thoughts in the comments.


Tricia Mickelsen Thomas said...

Beautiful dress on you and I loved Jewish Girls post too I thought it was witty and well done!

Tien said...

This dress is beautiful!

loveatfirstshop said...

oooh that dress is amazing! love the colors in the print

JewishGirl said...

Thanks for the link!

I love this dress; you are slowly turning me into a Chloe girl.


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