February 12, 2011

Velvet Midnight OOTD

Velvet blazer from Target (years ago)
J.Crew silk ruffle top
Midnight Cygnus skirt from Anthro/Twinkle by Wenlen (Spring 2010)
Aquatalia boots from Burlington (years ago)

I wore this to campus on Friday and had no time to blog. It was one of those days where I ran late because I hadn't picked out my outfit the night before. As a result this was thrown together. One of my resolutions was to make my closet more professionally relevant/utilized so I have been trying to wear garments to work that I previously deemed only for weekend. This skirt is one example of that. And the jacket is another. I think the skirt is a little short for work but I wore it knowing I would be behind the media podium in class.


LC said...

I love this skirt. Cute styling!

tastymoog said...

I used to keep my closet and dresser organized by work and non-work, but that has gotten away from me lately. of course, the lines blur because I am as willing to wear a blazer on a Saturday morning as any other time of the week. But, keeping "professional" and "casual" items separate does help.

Desert Flower said...

The skirt is amazing! I love that with the dark blazer and tights.


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