April 08, 2011

Gathered Hemlock Review

As you know from my recent posts I recently celebrated a birthday. And because of the volume of family and friends with who I end up celebrating, the festivities go on for a few weekends. The same is true for Chris's late February birthday. So I've come to call the time that elapses between mid-February and mid-April, "Cake Season." Cake season is a wonderful time of year during which I eat A LOT of cake. And because it is also timed with lousy Smarch weather of rain and cold and sometimes snow, I don't get to run around enough to counteract the caloric effects. So cake season for me, means many delicious sweets and a little extra cushion. No big gig.  But I do feel/see it a little in my clothes.

Much like the Softly Structured dress, this printed jersey knit Gathered Hemlock Dress is clingy in all the right places. I like the gentle drape. And I am glad it was released in additional prints/colors. A few months back when I tried the Softly Structured the medium was a great fit. At this point I feel like Gathered Hemlock size medium clings in all the places, period (i.e. not just the right ones). I don't know if it is the cake season or a change in the sizing. It's most likely cake season... But I thought I should mention it. It is unlined so although the draping camouflages nicely in the front, the back is pretty thin. For comfort and coverage reasons, I would need to pair a slip with it in the summer. But slips can be annoying in summer.  I also liked the Softly Structured navy print a bit more. I am drawn to darker palettes. Gathered Hemlock is a beautiful print and although I will be skipping it, it seems like something that could work seamlessly for work or weekend.


Marianne Canada said...

This really is a pretty silhouette on you.

JewishGirl said...

Thanks for this review! The dress looks lovely on you. This is one of the pieces I'm seriously drooling over right now!

Diem said...

Thanks for the review. I was regretting the Softly Structured dress in the navy motif. But if this version is very thin and almost see through, I would keep the softly structured dress especially for work.

Steph said...

Thank you for the review! I'm currently in love with this dress but my local anthro is a small spot and doesn't carry this dress. It looks lovely on you but I, like you, dislike slips in the summer.

carly - strawberryheelsforever said...

That looks beautiful on you! I really like all the bright colours for this time of year, but most importantly I think the cut is super flattering. I love that you called this period of time "Cake Season!" That sounds like a great season to me!


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