June 28, 2011

Trying a trend with trepidation

Ancient Myths Maxi Skirt

Today a bunch of stuff I wishlisted went on sale at Anthropologie (list with photos thanks to Roxy, here). I was near my local store anyway so I made a quick stop to check it out. I almost bought the Chartreuse Shoots dress (reviewed here) but it is still a little too pricey, in my opinion. I did find the above maxi skirt in the sale room. I have wanted a maxi skirt for a while. Gretchen of Gretchen's Closet (who I consider to be the queen of cool maxi skirt ensembles) suggested I start with a solid color. But I have always been a print junkie so OF COURSE I still went with a print. I hope I can figure out ways to wear this. Here 13 of Thirteenlbs makes the Ancient Myths Maxi look fantastic!

I plan to bring it with me to Maine cause it feels... vacation friendly. I'm still not totally confident about the purchase so I might keep the tags on, leaving it wrapped in tissue. If I don't find a way to wear it, I am going to take it back. This sounds like a reasonable plan to me. Do you give yourself any "wear or return" deadlines?


the dea diaries said...

I think you should go for it Jess and keep the skirt. It looks lovely on you and perfect for hot and lazy summer days and nights. For me, if the tags have been on for a month and I haven't reached for it, back it goes. But that also happens b/c Anthro's return policy is so awesome, so I have more time to decide.

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MysteriousM said...

I think that skirt is fabulous.  I'm totally jealous.  Could it double as a dress?  That would be even more vacation friendly!  You could always pair this with a white/black/or gray tank top and a fun colored cardi.  Or a jean jacket in the fall.  But I'm totally in love with this! :)  Great choice!


thatdamngreendress said...

 I love it- and I think maxi skirts offer a bit more versatility than the dresses.  I hope you do end up wearing it!  It looks cute even with the simple blouse you're wearing here.

Most of my purchases these days are made online from the US, so returning is often not an option, but I will definitely often pick up things that catch my eye and wait until I get home to really assess their value to me.  I hate how B&M stores  seem to enjoy making size stalking a game- like they only order a couple of each and if you miss out that first week too bad!!

It seems anthropologie is finally opening its doors near me, so that will definitely change my relationship with their clothing!  I really need to start training against the dangers of sale goggles now!

Marianne Canada said...

Very cute! And yes, I am in the habit of never taking tags off until I wear something. Usually I want to wear it right away, which is a good sign.

overcaffeinated said...

Such a cute maxi skirt!  I think the print suits your style well.

I think that's a great plan.  I've learned the hard way not to remove tags until I'm about to wear the item out. 

carly-strawberryheelsforever said...

I love it on you, Jess!  The print definitely suits your style, like overcaffeinated says :) 

13Pounds said...

Yay!  Of course you look incredible in it. Keep it!

Oddly enough, I found the real thing on my recent trip to Ghana- pieced maxi.  The cotton is a lot heavier and the print even more vibrant.  I confess that I love both, even though they are so similar...shame on me!  I did feel good that I got to purchase the second skirt from the actual tailor, though...refreshing~

As for returns deadlines, usually if I purchase it, I really like it.  But I have had the unfortunate experience of wearing something and being appalled by the quality after one wear. Lucky for me, Anthro's policy was flexible enough to accommodate me (as a store should be).

Yes, yes, keep the skirt!

Katherine said...

I love that maxi skirt on you! It looks fantastic :)

Grechen said...

yay! so glad you are trying the skirt :)


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