July 31, 2011

Summer safari OOTD

Anthro top
Lauren Moffatt skirt (via Gabriel Brothers)
J. Crew cardigan
Chloé flats

I look so dour in these photos. I don't know why. I didn't have a bad day or anything. It has dawned on me that the summer months are passing swiftly. But this doesn't upset me beyond the usual, "omg there was so much more I needed to get done" panic that seems to be a constant in the life of an academic. Though we are approaching the final weeks of summer, I comfort myself with the fact that my favorite season is around the corner! I noticed that I look sort of racoonish in these dour pics, which is a good lesson to either remove my sunglasses if I'm going to be outside or make more of an effort with make up. Anyway, I took a photo of my bracelets.

I'm not throwing a proper arm party but the proliferation of bloggers sporting arm parties has influenced me just enough. I wore this outfit to the Strip District and to get some lunch. I know it seems crazy in this weather to have a cardigan (no matter how short-sleeved) but I promise that too many restaurants keep things just frigid enough to need one.


the dea diaries said...

You look great, the outfit seems easy breezy for the summer!

Tricia Mickelsen Thomas said...

I love the mix of prints!  I hear you on cardi's I keep getting cold anytime we go somewhere to eat or the movies!

Adriana said...

 Regardless of how you look, the more important thing is how you feel. Having said that, I love that skirt! It's so cute and the color is great. Also, where did you get those fun bracelets!!

Adriana said...

One more thing, I am fairly new to this blog, but I'm really enjoying it! Also, I just learned that you are from Steel City. I actually went to school in Pittsburgh...many members of the Strip District. Any favorite spots there??? 

Terri said...

It's so true that academics rarely have a dull moment.  I just turned in grades on Sunday morning and then will have a few anxiety free days before it is time to start building autumn classes on a new version of our Courseware.

thatdamngreendress said...

Arm party!!  I love that cardigan- hoped to catch it on the last sale but they never restocked in my size...
Also loving the print of that top with the soft pattern on the skirt!

carol_prettythings said...

Oh, I love the bracelets! I've not jumped fully on board the bracelet bandwagon yet - they kinda get in the way when picking up and carrying small children. =P But the day will come that I'm not picking up and carrying small children. And then... ^_-

mindorific said...

I love that top (how did I miss it?!) and combined, the outfit is a fantastic look. And...arm party!  I love it, and will use it (with props to you, of course).



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