December 17, 2011

From the depths of my closet

The first time I spent a chunk of change on a single bag was in 2006. Up until that point I focused a lot of my interest in handbags onto amassing quantity from thrift stores,, Gabriel Brothers, and various clearance bins.

The Michelle Franz bag purchase was thanks to a generous coupon code posted on Gretchen's Closet. It brought the price down to something reasonable enough for my grad student budget. But I soon realized that the bright red color I selected (over black or purple... both of which I still sometimes long for) was harder to wear than anticipated. I didn't want to match it with other reds (since reds are so varied anyway) and I wasn't bold enough to try to pretend red was a "new neutral." Still I held onto the bag for sentimental reasons. And then I kind of forgot about it. I mean I knew it was there but I never reached for it.

Well last weekend I was digging around, trying to figure out what to bring with my on my upcoming trip, and I saw the old familiar Handmaid by Michelle Franz dustbag. I took it out and remembered why I bought it in the first place. The shiny gold hardware. The chain strap. The seaming of the front pocket. I carried it that night (ootd to come) and resolved to use this bag more often in the new year.  I'm bold enough (or at least all out of give-a-craps enough) at this point in my life to treat it like a new neutral.


shertz1981 said...

Man, Jess, it is one of my biggest fashion regrets that I missed out on this ... every time I see one, my longing increases!!! So think of me if you ever want to sell. :D

standingcinema said...

I remember really wanting that bag! So glad you are going to start using it again.

Grechen said...

wow...this was quite a blast from the past!!! i loved that bag...and it still looks great on you!


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