December 19, 2011

'Tisn't the season for island inspired prints

Currently, I'm enjoying a little post-semester voyage with Chris, due south. We're in the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. We've never been before, so we're pretty excited. This time last year we were honeymooning in Brazil. And thanks to an about-to-expire flight voucher Chris had to use, we are lucky enough to escape for some warm weather yet again! I'm excited to work on my December tan before heading back to the snow and cold in Pittsburgh. But above is a taste of what I packed. Linens, cottons, and silks. Breathable is key.


S said...

so jealous of your sunshine!  have a wonderful time!

Economy of Style said...

Oh wow!  Have a blast!  St. Lucia is my second favorite island, second after my home, St. Kitts!!


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