February 17, 2012

The bad luck outfit

By Malene Birger dress
Aqua cashmere cardigan
Rosegold Liz booties
Kate Spade belt
Michael Kors watch and misc. bracelets from Target, Hiptique, and a flea market

This dress is one of those dresses that I coveted mostly because of how it looked laying flat, unfettered, and un-modeled on Net-a-Porter.

I should know by now that if a dress looks better lying flat versus being fitted onto lithe mannequins then it will probably be less than "flattering" on my non-lithe body. And on some level, of course I am aware of this. That doesn't mean that I will not be overtaken by irrationality on occasion (i.e. sale goggles). Besides, my theories about flattering are somewhat removed from "making a body look as small as possible." 

I pined over this dress back in 2008 but it never became discounted enough until it made its way to Outnet. Once on Outnet at 85% off, I pounced. When it arrived I realized that it needed to be altered for length. The combo of its volume and its length overwhelmed me. Done. I have to say that even though I've altered it and I truly love it in theory, it still hasn't been worn very much. Part of the reason is because I am in a total styling rut (especially when it comes to this dress). I wore it nearly the exact same way the last time it saw daylight (which I don't think I blogged but I could be wrong). And although I like repeats and monogamous dressing, if I can't figure out creative, new ways to style something it will be more likely to sit in my closet. For now it has a home but I think I need to branch out from the instinctive black pairings and try to wear it with color.

I welcome styling ideas and feedback!

*as an aside, I titled this a bad luck outfit because I proceeded to have a very bad luck day after I taught my first class. I don't care to relive it through language but as a slightly superstitious and overthinking person, it will take a failsafe occasion to remove some of the acquired bad vibes from this ensemble.


April and Maya said...

I really like this dress.  I would just suggest wearing some color either in a blazer or cardigan, or in the shoes or tights.

Whajesslikes said...

I love this dress, and I think you styled it very well. For color, do you have  bright blue/dark green/maroon-fuchsia items to pair with it? I think that would be a safe way to include some color into it.

S said...

what a lovely dress!  I'm hoping to splurge on a black/white dress this spring and wear it with kelly green, hot pink, turquoise and navy!

Rachel Partin said...

I'm sorry to learn about your bad day, but you did look lovely in that outfit! I think the dress would really pop worn with some purple accents.

Terri said...

I like it the way you've styled it, but I wonder if you could play with red--shoes or a jacket.


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